UNL Hackathon Events

Local Hack Days

The goal of this project is to host local hack days and other development-focused events a few times each year. This space would be similar to a hackathon, but on a smaller scale and a more consistent basis. All are welcome to attend these events. This space will help foster collaboration and companionship within the UNL CSE student community, while also giving students opportunities to dive deeper into new projects.

Hackthon Events

CSEA is also partnering with CSSAB to host a more intensive, large-scale Hackathon events. This event will be an opportunity for people of all different backgrounds and majors to come together, and work together to develop and build amazing and new creations. This Hackathon will afford participants valuable experiences and networking opportunities. This event also expands its base further than the UNL student body; it will help foster collaboration and companionship within and beyond the UNL CSE student community.

We will be hosting a Hackathon next semester. All the latest updates will be posted here, so check back later for more details!