Community Software Solutions

Part of Computer Science and Engineering Ambassador's (CSEA) mission is to provide a positive and collaborative environment for all computer science/engineering civic engagement projects. This mission is pursued through one of our founding goals: to develop software tools for RSOs, non-profits, and other groups that would not have access otherwise.
These projects help members develop technical and professional skills, including computer science and engineering, full-cycle software development, teamwork, and project management skills. The goal of CSEA development teams is to connect non-profits and other charitable entities with the technical talent that they would otherwise not have access to. In turn, the organizations provide members with the opportunity to practice their technical talents with real stakeholders and objectives. This provides members with valuable and unique experiences that are difficult to gain in a classroom setting.
CSEA also aims to provide some of the best hands-on experience that one can receive outside of an internship or full-time job. As such, development teams are partnered with industry mentors so that members can gain insight from professionals who have practiced the skill for many years. This gives members the opportunity to learn best practices, software design, software development methodologies, and project management—all from someone knowledgeable in the practice.

Development Requests

If you are a group or organization looking for technical talent to help solve a problem you're facing, then Computer Science and Engineering Ambassadors (CSEA) may be able to help. We are a talented group of college students who enjoying using our skills to improve the community we live in. To see if we can help, please fill out this form so we can get a better idea of what problem your group or organization is facing.

Development Request Form

Ongoing Development Projects

VITA Development Projection
One of the software development projects right now is for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) branch of the Center for Civic Engagement on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus. This organization prepares taxes for low-income individuals, international students, and other Lincoln residents. VITA currently runs ten physical locations in the Lincoln area during tax season, and it helps prepare over 3,000 taxes every year.
As the scope of the initiative has grown so large, VITA has had a problem with scheduling and managing appointments. Its growth has quickly outpaced their current spreadsheet solution. So, CSEA has partnered with VITA to develop a new system for appointment scheduling and management. Members of CSEA are currently developing a PHP web application to streamline the appointment signup and management processes which will help clients schedule appointments and help VITA volunteers keep track where people are at in the process. This project began in October 2016 and is on track to help VITA during the 2018 tax season.
Here is a link to the site: VITA Website