Broader Considerations of Technology: Lecture Series

A disconnect between the Tech industry and other aspects of society prevent us from having a conversation and seek to solve problems that require the collaboration of both side. We see this the most prevalence currently in the discussion on free speech, fake news, and the internet. The lack of understanding in how the algorithm behinds social media works from the public, as well as the lack of conversations about the socio-political impacts of technology on our society deepen these problems, as both sides could not understand or refuse to look at the problems from the other sides.

More Information

We want the Lecture Series to be mainly the effort of Ambassadors, as well as the students from other Departments, for the following reasons:

  1. The talks are centered around students and those not in the department that can bring in fresh perspectives and are not entrenched in a certain way of thinking.
  2. The lectures will allow students to have a say in the topic that they want to learn more about.
  3. The series will encourage students to reach out to other disciplinary outside of their majors for different perspective on the topics they are studying or interested in.

We hosted a lecture on AI and Employment on April 4, 2018. We will be hosting similar events in the future.
The previous event's invitation can be found here, and a video of the lecture can be found here.